For protection of your personal information

SIC Agora eX Corporation (hereinafter referred as “Agora”), acknowledges the importance of personal information and handle the information only for the purpose of providing better products and services.

1. Definition of “personal information”

Agora defines “Personal information” as all information including name, address, telephone No., email, etc., that can be used to identify an individual.

2. Acquisition of information

Agora collects information that are required to provide services. The purpose of the collection shall be clearly specified in advance and the information shall be used only for achieving the purpose.

3. Use of “personal information”

In the use of “personal information” the information shall be used only for its purpose, but not for other purposes unless they are requested by laws, regulations nor the requests with exceptions that it was agreed by the individual.

4. Control measures of “personal information”

Agora handles the information with utmost attention and takes control measures to avoid illegal access, disclosure, leakage or defamation. The information that are no longer used shall be deleted promptly and completely.