Greetings at new era, REIWA

Greetings at new era, REIWA

New era has started following the accession of new emperor.

We Japanese have put our ideal image of our country or wishes for peace into era name.

The previous Heisei Era was peaceful without war, but still encountered challenges and difficulties such as economic slowdown after "bubble" period and series of natural disasters.

We sincerely like to celebrate with the new era was proclaimed.

We hope "Reiwa" would be suitable for us to step forward and would become an era where all of our employees have dreams and hopes in future to achieve.

Under our 3-C slogan (Change, Challenge, Chance) , we have been trying to improve ourselves in quality, price and service.  We will try our best as team Agora to achieve mutual development under partnership with our customers. We appreciate your continuous support for us.

Lastly, but not least, we hope your further prosperity and good health in this new era.